Military Police Internment/Resettlement Specialist Redesign

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Running head: MILITARY POLICE I/R SPECIALIST REDESIGN 1 Military Police Internment/Resettlement Specialist Redesign John Louis Upper Iowa University MILITARY POLICE I/R SPECIALIST REDESIGN 2 Abstract Some may argue that the military would be better off run as a business. For the most part that is exactly how it is ran. There are many jobs in the military, each with their own pros and cons. There are over 200 different jobs or military occupational specialties (MOS) in the US Army. Within those jobs, they are broken down even more into different positions. This paper will focus on Military Police positions, more specifically corrections specialist also known as the Internment/Resettlement (I/R) Specialist. This job is one of the toughest, most thankless jobs in the military. This paper will explain this job in depth, give a brief history of the job, and then focus on a theoretical redesign of the job to improve performance, efficiency, and quality of work life. Keywords: history, quality of work life, gate guard, military police, correction specialist MILITARY POLICE I/R SPECIALIST REDESIGN 3 The Military Police Corps was officially established on 26 September 1941 to the United States Army. However, Soldiers have been performing police duties from the time of the Revolutionary War, when these duties were assigned mainly to a mounted police force called the Troops of the Marechaussee. Since then, unfortunately, there are military members that do not conform to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (the basis for military law). Those individuals, if deemed necessary, had to be incarcerated. Military prisoners were held in stockades and were treated very poorly and subject to cruel and unusual punishments with little to no chance of rehabilitation. In 1872 a board of military officers submitted a bill to Congress calling for a more humane
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