Midnight Ride Unforgettable Essay

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On April.18, 1775 when the sun had set, I was talking to a friend, Joseph Warren, about the movements of the British army. Joseph thought that it was a good idea to warn the people in neighboring towns about the movements of the troop. I had promised to warn John Hancock and Samuel Adams if anything movements were suggested. They are some of my good friends. Later that evening I set out to warn Hancock and Adams that the British were heading to Lexington from Boston. Before I left, I packed myself water and a blanket. I also packed some food because you never know how long a journey could be. I left on the long journey with my beautiful horse, Angel. My plan was to warn everyone who is from the countryside. Another friend of mine, John, had come along to help me warn people. I told him to try to find a way to signal me. So John had decided that he would signal me by hanging lanterns. He was another good friend of mine as well. The plan was that if the British were marching onto the land he would hang one lantern in the church belfry. Two lanterns are to be hung if the British are leaving in boats. John told me to row across the river to wait for the signal. I tied Angel to a tree and did as he said. As I row out onto the river, I see that John had hung two lanterns. I rowed as fast as I could with all the strength I had. I hopped onto my Angel and raced through the countryside, hitting a new town every hour to warn them. It was about midnight when I made it to Lexington. I rushed to Samuel and John and alerted them. Around 2 I reached Concord. This ride was a ride I will never forget. I wish that I had never been caught by the British soldier at

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