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section I STRATEGY Why should a service organization worry about being world-class if it does not compete outside its own national border? What impact does the Internet have on this? What are the major priorities associated with operations strategy? How has their relationship to one another changed over the years? For each priority in question 3, describe the unique characteristics of the market niche with which it is most compatible. A few years ago, the dollar showed relative weakness with respect to foreign currencies such as the yen, euro, and pound. This stimulated exports. Why would long-term reliance on a lowervalued dollar be at best a short-term solution to the competitiveness problem? In your opinion, do business schools have competitive priorities? Why does the "proper" operations strategy keep changing for companies that are world-class competitors? What is meant by the expressions order winners and order qualijiers? What was the order winner@) for your last major purchase of a product or service? What do we mean when we say productivity is a "relative" measure? 1 . (2.36 + 1.80 + 1.75 + 244)/4 1 As operations manager, you are concerned about being able to meet sales requirements in the coming months. You have just been given the following production report. = 2.06 JAN 1800 2800 3000 325 200 400 320 3 Hours per machine MAR 2300 Units produced FEB 5 4 Number of machines 2. (1217 x 1700)/(46672 x 12) 2 / = 3.69 APR - 2 9 46 Find the average monthly productivity (units per hour). Sailmaster makes high-performance sails for competitive windsurfers. Below is information about the inputs and outputs for one model, the w indy 2000. Units sold Sale price each $1,700 Total labor hours 46,672 Wage rate $12/hour Total materials $60,000 Total energy $4,000 Calculate the productivity in sales revenudabor expense. 3 Acme

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