Boeing, Chapter 2 Questions

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1. To what extent is Boeing using evidence-based management? Are they overdoing it? Explain your rationale. Evidence-based management means bringing real facts into the decision-making process. Boeing begun a process of conducting on-site team tests and actually analyzing financial data. Boeing then uses the evidence that he collects to make changes that would potentially benefit the company. Boeing also used what they refer as “scars” to make decisions. Boeing is definitely not overdoing it. The frequent evaluations on employees and the analyzing of data that is collected helps lead to better management and therefore a better company. 2. To what extent are the managerial practices being used at Boeing consistent with principles associated with management science and operations management techniques? Discuss. Operations management focuses on managing the production and delivery of an organization’s products or services more effectively. It is concerned with work scheduling, production planning, facilities location and design, and optimum inventory levels. Boeing has been conducting four-hour-long monthly and quarterly assessments of one of its supplier’s ability to speed up production, along with annual reviews that can take 2-3 days. Consistent with management science, Boeing is focusing on the “numbers”, even at the supplier level. -In operations management techniques Boeing conducts roughly 4 hour long monthly and quarterly assessments to see if the supplier can speed up production. This techniques deals with scheduling production, production planning and optimum inventory level. With management science, Boeing conducts a 2-3 days long annual review this review would help improve decision making and strategic planning based on the evidence collected through the review. 3. Use Figure 2.3 to analyze the extent to which Boeing is using a systems

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