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Abdul Gadoush Period 2 Chemistry Honors 1-16-14 Metal Gizmo 1. Purpose/Problem: The whole purpose to this experiment was to identify which metal of the following: Copper, Magnesium or zinc had the most occurring reactions in the constant chemicals that they were inserted in. The metal that had the least amount of reactions in each chemical would be the least reactant, and the metal that had the most occurring reactions in the chemical would be the most reactant. For this process to occur (make metal gizmos), Naugatuck Metal Works needs one highly reactive metal and another that isn't a reactive metal. - signs of chemical change = changes the shape and color, creates a gas, distributes heat, Etc. - Chemical Change= Substance is formed into a completely new substance 2. Hypothesis: If the copper is being tested in these metals ( Copper, Magnesium and cupric chloride) then it would be the least reactive out of magnesium and zinc because it is the lowest among the three on the activity series. 3. Experimental Design: - Independent Variable: different types of metals: magnesium, zinc and Copper - Dependent Variable: amount of reactants observed for each metal - Control : The Air -Constants: The amount of chemical solutions, the time the metals were in the chemical solutions and size of each metal during the experiment 4. The Dependent variable, the number of reactions the metal will receive and will be measured based on their reactivity. The higher the reactant, the more reactions and the less reactive the less amount of reactions The Independent variable, the different metals that are tested by observing for chemical change. Once the metals which are magnesium, copper and zinc are put into the 3 different solutions along with the control which is water and air, we will be able to determine if they do

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