Mending Wall Essay

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'Mending Wall' is an interesting poem that is symbolic of the differences in human thinking on barriers Robert Frost is known to make use of nature and pathetic fallacies in his poems and a lot of symbolism that leaves the reader to imagine what he really means,making his poems highly subjective. In this piece, Frost has used words and phrases that we could draw parallels with,he uses a sense of underlying meanings with these phrases. In the title itself, ‘Mending wall’ the poet lets us know that the poem is about a wall or a fence,but later the reader realizes that it’s more than just the words on the surface that Frost wants us to recognize. The poet refers to the wall as a solid object but also a psychological or invisible wall,this wall signifies the differences between the two neighbors. Ironically,when the wall is actually supposed to separate two beings,this wall reunites the two neighbors ,this is seen in the title ‘Mending wall’,where one might suggest that this is grammatically incorrect, what Frost might actually be intending is that the poem is more about the wall mending the relationship between the two individuals than the two merely mending the wall itself !This wall maybe built due to differences in thoughts and ideas or merely just because of social awkwardness of the two characters. Frost maybe trying to hint at the barriers that are built between people because of prejudice and unwillingness to socialize. People set up walls to keep away from each other’s property and to protect their own,in this case it might be just to keep themselves away from interacting with one another,but ironically,this wall building ‘game’ is what makes the two interact and therefore might be seen as an activity that sparks interaction and communication . The wall could also be seen as a symbol of their relationship,which needs mending every now and then,it gets worn
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