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Trend Analysis of Men in Nursing: Annotated Bibliography
Kari Nish
Athabasca University

Trend Analysis of Men in Nursing: Annotated Bibliography
Evans, J. (2003). Men nurses: A historical and feminist perspective. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 47 (3), 321-328. Retrieved from Joan Evans, an associate professor of nursing at Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, is the author of this scholarly, peer-reviewed, journal article. The article examines the historical place of men in nursing through a feminist lense. This work includes a review on the exclusivity of nursing as a female profession, the impact of sociological views on masculinity as a barrier to men entering nursing, and the poorly understood and invisible nature that men have had in nursing’s history. Evan’s particular article, while well referenced, is limited in scope, focusing only on the feminist perspective. It does not look at qualitative or quantitative data and does not consider alternative perspectives or limitations of own view. This article could be a useful first resource for determining trends over time, based on a historical Canadian perspective. It would be limited to use in basing all future trends on due to its limited scope and focus on the feminist perspective. Other data and research would be needed to support other views.

O’Lynn, C. E. (2004). Gender-based barriers for male students in nursing education programs: Prevalence and perceived importance. Journal of Nursing Education, 43(5), 229-234. Retrieved from
Chad Ellis O’Lynn, an adjunct professor at Montana State University, College of Nursing, is

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