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Meena Alexander Final Draft By Allison Johnson 4th Block A-day Living a hyphenated life is a tough concept to define. It could mean a variety of things such as being homeless or different religions conflicting. In this case, a hyphenated life means being brought up obeying one culture but as their progress with life, they adapt to other cultures as well. As Meena Alexander describes in her autobiography, Fault Lines, she lived a hyphenated life and is unsure about her identity. The purpose of her writing this was to make others aware of her lifestyle by using pathos and logos to make her identity known. Pathos is used throughout the article to prove and represent her broken identity. She uses pathos to gather all of the emotions that she’s feeling into her writing. She imagines that the “perfect” (Line 40) life is only in her “fantasies” (Line 40). She states that her imperfections are what she’s made up of and to let the reader think about who they are as a person. Her journey to find her identity “tormented” (Line 82) and worried her. She was afraid of what others may think of her from both cultures. The more she thought about her life, the more she felt drawn “back into the darkness of the Tiruvella house” which in her view point was the “shelter of memory” (Line 86-88). She uses details like that to connect to the reader by bringing up her past “filled with ghosts” (Line 47). They think of their pasts as ghosts in meaning that they aren’t visibly seen but still there. Logos is another key component in her autobiography. She mentions things such as different languages, religions, places, etc. She lists the locations of “all the cities and small towns and villages” (Line 19-20) that she lived in for a certain amount of time throughout her lifespan. With all the “broken geography” she listed, the audience could only imagines the variety of cultures that she
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