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Journey Analysis Summary In the book "Evermore" by Alyson Noel the journey being taken is mostly emotional, but also physical and mental. The character taking this journey in the book is a sixteen year old girl named Ever Bloom. This book being the first in a series of six books, called the immortals, this is only the beginning of her journey. The book begins with Ever at lunch with Haven, blocking out her surroundings with her ipod all the way up and hood up. Now the truth is, Ever's journey begins a bit before that, when she still had her family with her. Ever was the only one to survive a car accident that took the lives of her mom, dad, little sister, and their dog. After the accident Ever goes to live with her aunt Sabine and is left with psychic abilities which she sees as a punishment. She is able to hear thoughts, get life stories by touch, see auras, and see her dead sister which is why she blocks things out. She blames herself for her family's death throughout the book until the end when she learns the truth. This is the emotional part of her journey and her primary journey as well. Her physical and mental journeys are also some of the conflicts she faced that take place toward the end of the book. Her mental journey takes place when she discovers that alcohol cloaks her psychic abilities which leaves her feeling normal. Or at least as normal as she could be with alcohol in her system. She starts thinking she has to keep drinking to keep her abilities away, so much so, she gets suspended from school because of it. Now her physical journey takes place when she ends up in a fight with an immortal named Drina. Drina, being immortal, heals fast and is also alot stronger than Ever. But Ever still fights her, getting thrown around and hurt quite a bit. In the end, she hits Drina in her weakest spot, which kills her. Ever discovers that Drina was the one

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