Medicare Abuse In America

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Medicare in America Ricky Williams HSA 3113 Fall Term 2012 December 2, 2012 Abstract Medicare is one of the second largest insurance programs in America after social security that gives the disabled and seniors access to the highest quality health care since 1965. Eligibility for Medicare is typically offered to citizens above the age of 65, though citizens who are under the age of 65 with some form of disability are also offered this benefit. Many enrollees of Medicare are covered under a multitude of parts such as Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Part C, and Medicare Part D. In discussion, much will be discussed about medical expenses that tie into Medicare such as deductibles, premiums, and the…show more content…
Typically, individuals are eligible they are 65 years or older and is a permanent resident or a citizen of the United States (Eligibility,1997). Eligibility for Medicare also includes if an individual or their spouse has at least worked ten years in Medicare-covered employment (these are generally individuals who are 65 and older and have basically paid their way into the system). Individuals under the age of 65 with disabilities and individuals with End-State Renal disease were also eligible people to have access to coverage with Medicare. Also for children, widow(er), or divorced widow(er) under the age of 65, but 50 or older, of someone that was employed long enough in the government where Medicare taxes were paid will also qualify these individuals for free Medicare. Individuals also under the age of 65 can be eligible for Part A without paying premiums if they already get Railroad Retirement Board disability benefits for 24 months and receive Social…show more content…
Deductibles are expenses that have to be paid out-of-pocket before the insurer pays any expenses and premiums are usually monthly amounts that pay for Medicare insurance plan and the Medicare coverage. For Medicare, Part A covers all hospital, nursing care, and healthcare services for every period except from deductibles, especially if the individual themselves or their spouse paid Medicare taxes while working. In 2012, the deductible for Part A Medicare is $1,156 for patients who have a hospital stay 60 days or less. Anything longer than 60 days then a co-payment will apply: 61-90 days will pay a co-payment of $283 per day, 91-150 days will pay $578 per day, and 150 days and more within one single benefit period will have to pay the full cost. Moving along to Medicare Part B, this part included a yearly deductible of about $140 in 2012. This deductible will also then be applied to the health care costs that provides out patient services, certain home health services, physician services, and durable medical equipment. After Part B deductible is met, patients will be required to pay 20 percent of the Medicare approved amount that is charged by healthcare providers. In addition to Part B, a monthly premium for the Medicare Advantage Plan is usually given. Most people usually pay anywhere from $99.90 -$100.90 each month in 2012 for the Part B

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