Mean Girls and Vengeance

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Mean Girls, based on the novel Queen Bees and Wanna Bees, satirizes the communistic mannerisms within the teenage world as seen through the eyes of Cady Heron, the daughter of Zoologists, who lived in Africa for most of her life. Although Cady moves from the African jungle to an American suburb, she is still not that far from the jungle life. However, after meeting the Queen Lioness, Regina George, and discovering the different species within school, Cady becomes one of the animals rather than watching them from a distance. The film visualizes how vengeance can turn an individual into the person in which he or she is seeking vengeance. By seeking vengeance, Cady demonstrates how she turns into the jungle ruler she loathes, Regina George. By complying with Janice Ian’s plan to destroy the evil Regina George, evilness arises within Cady. Regina made out with Cady’s crush, Aaron Samuels, when Regina told Cady she’d set Cady up with Aaron. Janice, her gothic best friend, comforts Cady, assuring, “Look, she’s not going to get away this, again, okay? We’re gonna do something.” Because she was hurt and upset, Cady agreed to Janice’s idea of creating and evil plan to destroy Regina George. By agreeing with this plan, Cady is agreeing to lie and manipulate. Lying and manipulating is exactly what Regina did to hurt Cady in the first place. Not just by emulating Regina’s behavior does the audience see the beginning of Cady’s transformation, but also with the fact that Cady took advice from someone who is gothic. Gothic individuals are seen as scary for their violent choice in clothes. Janice’s dark make-up and black clothes symbolize danger. By befriending someone who exudes this darkness, Cady shows how, just like Regina, she has become dangerous herself . Through attempting to discreetly change Regina’s physical appearance, Cady’s physical appearance

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