Maya Civilization's Collapse Linked to Climate Change

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Maya civilization's collapse linked to climate change According to a study presented by and international team of researchers, the impact of climate change on modern society could be predicted if compared to the Maya civilization. The team gathered records from more than 2,000 years ago that explain how the Maya civilization ended, famine, war, collapse and long-term wet weather that became drought. In order to keep track of all the records the researchers used data locked in stalagmites and the archaeology left by the Maya and the findings were reported in the journal Science. Differently from the global warming that is cause by reckless human activities the collapse of the ancient Maya civilization was due to a variance of natural weather pattern, which brought too much moisture and long periods of dry weather said Douglas Kennett, Penn State University anthropologist. When the wet periods brought moisture it meant an expansion in agriculture and population growth, it also drifted the power of that population kings that used to get credit for the rain. Interestingly, after the year of 660, the rainy period became dry and that generated many wars over limited resources. Long following the year 990 the Maya politics forces collapsed and the severe dry weather from the years 1000 to 1100 forced the Maya to leave in order to survive. The researchers said that the analogy made with the Maya civilization and today's society is something that people should start worrying about; when there are changes in climate that could debilitate agriculture, famine, social instability and even wars could happen the same way it did with the Mayas. By Deborah Zabarenko | Reuters – Thu, Nov 8, 2012 -
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