Maus And Night Comparison Essay

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Contrast & Compare essay for Maus and Night The Holocaust was a sad time for the Jewish and German people of Europe. The Germans, under Nazi rule, were going throughout Europe and taking Jews. They would bring them into Ghettos. After they were starving, depressed, and weak, they were moved by cattle cars to concentration camps. They would be put to work under strict rule and often beaten to weaken them. They got little food and used all contacts to stay alive. The few survivors of the Holocaust have been haunted by the images of their experiences to this day. Some have come out though and written, talked, and published their experiences. A few of those books are Night and Maus. In the book, Night, there are many similarities, differences, and helpful envisions on the Holocaust as well as in Maus. The similarities between are unbelievable. They had been to the same places, same travels, and same people! They could've even met before! Some of the places that they had been were the concentration camp in Auschwitz. They both describe the talk of being killed and burned, the thought of rebellion, and the shut down by elderly Jews. They also talk about the infamous Dr. Mengele, and his Selection methods. They had also both been in the hospital for injuries and talking about how surprised they were with the three meals a day and how they had to leave for fear of being shot when camp was evacuated. Both Night and Maus talked of the run they had to take when they evacuated the camp. The coldness and bitterness of that night. Though both authors were at the same places, they both were treated differently. The survivor in Maus had used his skills in different languages and in life skills while the author of Night, only a child at the time, was trying to do his basic work and keep his father going. The Maus survivor could speak Polish, English, and German.
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