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Multiple-Choice protocol for Mangroves passage/test. Question 1: I thought D was the correct answer, but the answer was actually B. Type: Standard A-E question Stem: In the first paragraph, the author develops the metaphor of mangroves as “artists of the beautiful” (lines 1-2) by describing their mastery at… Stem Meaning: The question asks to identify what master skill the mangroves have that is described in the first paragraph, in which the author develops the metaphor “artists of the beautiful.” Why Not D: As I reread the lines 1-5 I discover my misconception. At first, I believed that mangroves’ skills were that they created islands that seem to move. I was wrong to think that the mangroves created some sort of movement to the islands because the author never states how the mangroves portray movement nor flow to the island. The author really describes the skill of survival the mangroves have to live on this island. In addition there is no text to prove that D is the correct answer. Why B: B is clearly the best answer. In lines 1-2 the author describes the mangroves as “artists of the beautiful” because the circumstances are unique yet harsh on the island that they live on. The author also portrays the image of survival by saying “not only do they exist, but they can and do exist” in the lines 2-4, which also gives us the image on how hostile the circumstances can be on the island. Question 39: I thought the correct answer was C, but the actually answer was D. Type: Standard A-E question. Stem: The last paragraph (lines 58-68) presents the movements of the mangrove island in terms of… Stem Meaning: The question refers to the movement of the mangrove island. It asks to identify the use of diction that describes the term “movement” in the lines 58-68. Why Not C: As I refer back to lines 58-58, I believed that the author was

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