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In the novel The House On Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, narrator Esperanza lives in a red house on Mango Street. When Esperanza first moves to Mango Street it is not half of what her parents describes which leads to disappointment. She imagines a home with a big yard, beautiful trees, and a white exterior, but, instead, the house is red with small stairs and bricks that are crumbling. The front door is not correctly aligned and must be pushed with force to enter. Esperanza wishes she had the pleasure of having her own bedroom and bathroom but that didn’t happen either. Here, on Mango Street, she has to share a bedroom with her entire family, which includes her parents and 3 siblings. There is no big front yard. In the back yard there is a garage for a car, that is because they don’t own a car. There is also a small yard that separates the two buildings on each side. Esperanza has some very strange neighbors. She lives across the street from a creepy guy named Joe that she has been told to stay away from. She lives near a corner store that she has been taught not to hang near despite the owners being good people. Also, across the street from this little red house on Mango Street, live two trashy girls that are not a good influence. Edna, former owner of a bigger building, now owns a building next to Esperanza. Before her current residence, her brother sold her property against her wishes. Edna always seems to have troubles with her tenants causing a lot of them to move from the apartment buildings that she owns; Cathy (the Cat Lady) has far too many cats. She only wants to be friends with Esperanza until she moves away from the neighborhood. Cathy believes that since Esperanza and her family have moved to the neighborhood, things have gone south, an unwelcoming message to be told as you move into a new neighborhood. In believing that her family is better

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