Macbeth: Victim or Villain

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In the dictionary a victim is defined as a person who is tricked, while a villain is described as a person who is responsible for specified trouble,harm,or damage. In some stories people are lead to do bad things, does that make them a villain or a victim? Which one do you think Macbeth was? In the play there are many different viewpoints as to who/what was the real catalyst behind Macbeth and his rise to power. You can not be certain as to what drove Macbeth into a bloody trail. Was it his own mind or did outside forces push him to commit all the crimes? There is a possibility of outside forces, including Lady Macbeth and the witches but also he could be victim to inner desires and ambitions which he could not control. The contrasting viewpoint is that Macbeth is the villain and that he decided to kill Duncan without much persuasion from any outer forces. It was his decision and he made it in a clear mind with the goal of becoming King. Macbeth was definitely not a villain before he was the Thane of Cawdor.A couple of forces might have drove Macbeth to cause all his crimes. The most evident of the forces that causes Macbeth kill Duncan is Lady Macbeth. Macbeth is very baffled about the prediction and he almost decided to not go forward with the deed when Lady Macbeth entices him to kill Duncan by telling him he is fragile and lacks masculinity. She has a lot more ambition than Macbeth and hopes that he succeeds so she can benefit from all the killings. Even though she did not kill Duncan she cam up with the plan which makes her equally as guilty as Macbeth. The witches also play a crucial role in the play. They were trying to create chaos by prophesying to Macbeth in order to get him to act on it. The sisters planted a seed of evil in Macbeth’s head that grew to dominate his actions and thoughts. Even when the witches succeed to get Macbeth to commit all the
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