Who Is To Blame For Macbeth's Downfall

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The Downfall of Macbeth When there is a strong desire and determination in one’s life that determination can take over everything else in one’s life and quickly lead one downhill. Power can make ambitions stronger than morals, family, love, rules and society, making one see less of what is important in life and become more ambitious for power. In William Shakespeares’ tragedy “Macbeth”, the main characters’ life quickly goes downhill and leads him to his inevitable end, death. His powerful ambitions become obsessive and override his morals. However, Macbeth is not solely to blame for his downfall because the witches introduce him to the idea he could be king and mislead him as he struggles with the decision to kill Duncan.…show more content…
The actions of the witches and Macbeth result in heightening Macbeth’ desire for power resulting in his downfall. First off, the witches can see their future because they could foresee when and where they would meet Macbeth. As shown in this quote, “First Witch: where the place? / second witch: upon the heath/ Third Witch: There to meet Macbeth,” (1, 1, 6-8). Therefore the witches could foretell Macbeth’s fate and his downfall. Although, the witches were not completely honest, Macbeths' actions were more ambitious and destructive than the witches, since Macbeth used violence to advance in the game of power taking harmful actions to the advance to the next. Proving, that Macbeths' actions fed his ambitions and led him to his downfall. Secondly, the witches told Macbeth the apparitions as if they were complete truths not just mere predictions. The witches mislead Macbeth into believe a certain fate that could possibly have been a false truth. On the other hand Macbeth is more at fault because his own actions caused the events that escalated his downfall. Such as, the murders and secrets which led to hallucinations. The murders started messing with Macbeths' brain as shown in this

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