Macbeth Responsible for His Own Downfall. Agree or Disagree? Essay

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Ultimately it’s Mcbeth who is responsible for his own down fall. To what extent do you agree? In the tragedy of ‘Macbeth’ written by William Shakespear, we foolow a man who usurps his way to the throne and ultimately brings about his own downfall when his mind is consumed by guilt and fear. Though the actions he took were his own, there were several influences that in his eyes justified his heinous crimes. These influences were those such as the witches and Lady Macbeth. Without these external influences it is unlikely that Macbeth would have had the motivation to commit his first murder and thus saving him from himself. The three witches in Macbeth are portrayed as supernatural entities that lack the qualities of both man and woman whose sole purpose of existence is to upset the natural order. This is shown when they first prophesy of ‘Macbeth hail to thee, Thane of Cowder’, taking advantage of his weaknesses, whether ‘he could also become king hereafter’, thus planting the seed of ambition in his mind. However, he is not yet fully convinced that the throne will become his without force so the thoughts of murdering his beloved king begin to crawl into his head against his will. Desperate for some help and guidance, he writes to his soulmate, Lady Macbeth who upon hearing of the prophecies and the truth that had already been revealed, transforms from a nurturing wife and mother to and unsexed individual and begins to lack in all the qualities of a woman, similar to the witches in an ate, in an attempt to persuade Macbeth. Lady Macbeth is a pivotal character in the murder of King Duncan. When Lady Macbeth confronts her husband about not wanting to follow through with her plan, she mentions that ‘when you durst do it, then you were a man’. Prior to this, she calls upon the spirits to unsex her and remove her of her womanly nature so she can

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