Lying Is Not Always Bad Essay

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Lying Is Not Always Bad Since the early age, we have taught that lying is wrong and hurts people including ourselves. My parents always teach me that it is better to accept the consequences of my actions than to lie. Even though the truth is good, it is, according to Oscar Wilde, “rarely pure and never simple” (qtd. in “Truth about Deception”). Telling the truth can not always solve the problem. The older I am, the more I know about the use of lying. Base on the study of the University of Oregon, “children as young as 3 years old were capable of white lie”, as a result we lie many times in our life. Some lying is acceptable, some is not. In my opinion, I think that we need to lie in specific situations because the truth would hurt while the lie can help avoid unnecessary problems and protect ourselves. One of the reasons to lie is if the truth would hurt. For instance, when we discovered that my grandfather had a cancer, we asked the doctor to hide my grandfather the truth. We told him that he just got flu because we did not want him to worry about the death. My grandparent lived happily and left leisurely. My grandfather might have the right to know truthfully his illness, but he would be more painful and hurtful. While telling the truth can lead to a lot of hurt, pain, and suffering, deception is absolutely necessary. Secondly, lying is acceptable if it helps avoid conflicts and solves the problems. When a girl asks her boyfriend about his ex-girlfriend, what will happen if he tells her the truth that his ex is more beautiful and sexier than her? That girl will surely get angry and will not talk to her boyfriend for many days. Finally, that poor guy must spend money to buy flower and a lot of time to entreat her forgiveness. “Being too honest can also lead to problem” (Laura Berman). In fact, we like it when our partner hides unpleasant facts from us. I was

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