Loyalty Is Far More Important Tha Justice

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Persuasive Loyalty is far more important that justice. It has been debated for years, what is more important, loyalty or justice? I believe the answer to that question is obvious. The justice system has been developed for a specific reason, and if someone chooses to disobey that system they should be forced to face the appropriate consequences. Justice should stand above everything including loyalty The criminal justice system has stood since ancient times to fulfil a specific purpose. That purpose is to keep people protected from criminals. If someone desires to go against this ancient system, they deserve to be disciplined, and be required to face the appropriate punishments. Among the justice system we cannot have people choosing whether or not they want to follow it. If everyone begins to choose loyalty over justice, our society will turn into complete chaos with people breaking the law left right and centre. We do not want our culture turning into rubble, due to this conflicting decision people have to make about whether to choose loyalty or justice. It is a straight forward answer. Justice is far more important than loyalty if we wish to maintain a safe and secure society. In the novel ‘Montana 1948’ we see that Wesley Hayden is forced to choose between family loyalty and justice. He has to determine whether to arrest his brother Frank, for molesting and abusing Indian women, or whether he should remain silent and stick to family loyalty. The weight of this decision becomes extremely stressful for Wesley. The death of the Indian women ‘Marie Little Soldier’ is the final straw for Wesley, so he locks up Frank until he finds enough evidence to arrest him. Ultimately this resulted in Frank’s suicide. The stress placed on Wesley was more than anyone deserves to experience. If Wesley did not serve justice to Frank, he would have to live with the thought that he
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