Lord of the flies quiz

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NAME__________________________ DATE__________________________ Lord of the Flies by William Golding -- published in 1954 English Nine—Mrs. Hosmer Lord of the Flies is an (1) _______________________________ novel in which the author attempts to explain a (2) _______________________________ or reveal a (3) _______________________________ to the reader through both a (4) _______________________________ and (5) _______________________________ meaning. Golding believed that the (6) _______________________________ of society could be traced back to the defects of human nature and that man’s essential illness (or problem) is related to (7) _______________________________. In other words, the problems of society can be traced back to the (8) _______________________________ flaws of human nature. The author would like the reader to think about man’s basic goodness and “How are (9) _______________________________ and (10) _______________________________ to be controlled in the modern world?” Background—A group of British boys are strained on a (11) _______________________________ sometime around (12) _______________________________. Golding provides many (13) _______________________________ in the novel that enhance the meaning of the story. The island, a (14) _______________________________, is symbolic of the outside world or the (15) _______________________________. What happens on the island is what is happening in the rest of the (16) _______________________________ at the time. The title, Lord of the Flies, originated from the (17) _______________________________ specifically the Old Testament. The term (18) _______________________________ is from a Greek word, (19) _______________________________ that means the (20) _______________________________. Biography-- (21)
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