Look Both Ways affirms death as a part of life. Discuss.

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Since the beginning of time, everybody that has been introduced to the world has witnessed the moment where they have also been ripped from it. Along with the birth, there comes the certainty that death will prevail, this occurs because death is an initial part of living. Although it is inevitable, many fear their passing. Sarah Watt, director of Look Both Ways, explores this by showing that being afraid of death will create the loss of living, and that if we don’t recognise death, we can miss the important occurrences right in front of us. And, only once we accept death as a part of life, is when we can move forward. A majority of the Earth’s population is afraid of the unavoidable, afraid of death, and dying. Although one hundred percent of people, and animals will die, there is no doubt that every person has had at least one thought about death. Whereas, many people live in absolute fear of their passing, this is demonstrated in Meryl and Nick. Watt explores this fear by investigating into different methods of the apprehension itself. In the film, Meryl lives in absolute fear, no matter the situation, or the area that she is in, the fear overcomes her, and this creates the inability that she has to live her life to it’s fullest. Meryl creates imagery in her mind of the worst possible outcomes of everyday occurrences, such as walking, or catching public transport. Nick on the other hand, discovers that he may have to face his fear head on when he finds out that he has testicular cancer. In one way, Nick is told that he has a limited time span of life, and this creates the fear within him, but on the other hand, Nick expands that fear into something that will surmount him, and stop him in his tracks of living a successful life. A part of living life, is accepting that death will occur. Many people are afraid to admit it, whereas, many people will accept it
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