Living at home vs. Living in a dorm

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Living at Home Versus Living in a dorm Before I went away to college I thought that living in a dorm would be much better than living at home. I saw all my friends at SUNY schools having fun and never wanting to come home on break. So when things were getting tough at home, and when dealing with my sister and dad were getting the best of me I decided to transfer to SUNY Cobleskill. It was only 45 minutes away, which was convenient because I still needed to come home on the weekends to keep my job. My best friend Cara also was part of my decision to go to Cobleskill. She had attended the previous semester and loved it, so when her room mate left school she asked me to room with her. I thought rooming with my best friend and living away from my family would be great, but I soon found out that living in a dorm was not as good as living at home. When I was living at home, my sister was hardly home so it was pretty quiet for the most part. But when I was in my dorm I had sixteen other girls who all loved blasting their music and drinking way too much. I quickly realized living with my sister wasn’t so bad after all. These girls would blare their music all that the same time. Some girls played country, some played rap, but no matter what they chose to play they all played crap. Which they conveniently played during quiet hours, when my friend and I were trying to study and relax from a long day of classes. Even the RA’s who are supposed to be like the rule enforcers joined in on the partying. The girls partied so much and brought all of their friends back to their room for more partying. That is one thing I never had at my house. My sister partied but never came home if she did. So living at home was much better in that aspect. At school is what like the word privacy didn’t even exist. You were never alone. Not even when you went to the bathroom. Sharing a room

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