Littlefield Capacity Game Report 2

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LITTLEFIELD CAPACITY GAME When the game started, we did not utilize anything related to the game. The reason why we did not play and buy machines from stations was which machines we should have bought and which machines would be suitable for our strategy. In this process, we decided machines which we would purchase, would make more profit for us. Hence, on the 144th day, we bought two machines from Station 2 Testing part. Before we decided which machine we should buy, we considered the risk factor of Station 1 and we thought that we should have purchased machines from Station 1 later. The utilization of Station became 1 after approximately 50 days.(Table 1) Furthermore, we did not think purchasing machines from Station 3 necessary. The reason why we did not purchase a machine for Station 3 was that the utilization was very volatile. (Table 3) In addition to this factor, we thought that buying lots of machines from different stations would decrease our revenue in the following days. We set up the game with one million dollars as starting cash balance and that amount started to increase permanently because of the variable costs of kits. However we did not interfere with the game until 144 days, we were placed in the fifth position amongst our competitors due to not buying machines for long time. After 144 days we purchased two machines from Station 2 and our position switched to seventh place in that game due to some reasons. One reason was that we only purchased only one machine from Station 2 and could not buy any other machines from other stations. Other reason was that we could not control our machines continuously. Moreover, our inventory was volatile whether buying machines or not. Because, we don’t have any control over the number of orders coming from suppliers. (Table 4) Furthermore, the utilization in the Station 2 had volatile changes up to 268 days in

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