Limbo & Island Man Comparison

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Limbo and Island Man Comparative Essay The poems Limbo and Island Man use similar language as in they are both about a journey. They are both about a person moving into a different environment and feeling isolated in this state of mind. In the poem Limbo the writer uses a lot of repetition for example "Limbo, Limbo like me". The writer may use this to be ironic because of where the Limbo dance originated from, (On a slave ship). Another repetition the writer of Limbo uses are words like "Stick, Ship, Hit, Whip" etc. The writer uses these to give the poem a sense of rhythm like the limbo song. The writer may also use these to give the reader a sense of how the traveler may be feeling for example "whip" may make the reader feel that the traveler is being hit, is frightened. Braithwaite cleverly uses language to create sounds; the poem has a very strong beat with a repeated chorus, ‘limbo/limbo like me’. The use of the word ‘drum’ in the line ‘drum stick knock’ is a musical reference, and music was often used as a way to escape the pains of slavery and is part of their cultural identity. The musical references help the reader to form emotional connections with how the slaves must feel. The poem uses "music is saving me" and "the drummer is calling me" to explain how the home traditions of the slave are getting them through the journey; "knees spread wide" is used to show how a whole nation is being forced into something they don’t want to do. This may also be a reference to the whites raping the women, which was common on the ships. In the poem Island Man the writer does not use much repetition. He does use Alliteration, for example "the sun surfacing defiantly" gives a powerful image of the sun rising. When the writer says "his small emerald island" this also gives the reader a strong impression that it is the Island Mans own Island that's precious to him and

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