Book Review: 'Dream Boogie' by Langston Hughes

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Literature is the art of written work and can; in some circumstance can cause issues like different emotions, thoughts, imagination about a particular literary work. Readers tend to form their own opinion about what they are reading. An author expects criticisms and opinions about their work, one may not truly know what the author may think and fill when they are writing their piece. Writing is an art, it tells a story, like a painting tells a story. Writing is how the author is feeling or what the author has experienced. When growing up my grandmother and mother use to tell me about Langston Hughes and how he is one of the great poetic of all times. “Hughes is one of the most influential African-American poets, drawing from the experiences of his life for his writing” (Glantz, S. (2007). “Dream Boogie” by Langston Hughes (1951) caught my attention because how he uses his flow of words in describe what he actually means in what he is saying. I had to read this poem a couple of times to get an understanding in what he was actually saying. That is a strong reason why I was drawn to this poem due to its hidden meaning. I like a challenge and seek deeper understanding as I analyze an author’s work. Some of Langston poems can leave you with different ambiguity in his writings but on the other hand it will make you think and process your feelings. In this poem the beat that the author is talking about is not a happy beat as the author is using a metaphor of what people were feelings about the situation they are in at that time. Sometimes I feel mad and anxious at the same time wanting to be free. I usually feel this way when experiencing racism from someone in authority over me. The racial persecution placed on African Americans to live as second class citizens with no hope in moving forward toward advancement in society was very hard. Reading this I was able
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