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Paper # 2 English 206 This paper will discuss the character of Daisy Miller and Lilly Bart and their place as women in society, and how they did not conform to the normal role of women in their eras. Both “Daisy Miller” and “ House of Mirth” reflect similar approaches; each story has a male character that is intrigued by a powerful, engaging, beautiful woman. Both stories also have a similar plot lined up for their female characters; focusing on women having a certain place in society and having them stray from these norms, eventually leading to their downfall. Both Lily and daisy are extreme flirts, who know how to seduce men. They are not your typical 19th century gals, but not fitting in with the “expected” norms doesn’t seem to affect their ability to attract men. It is clear as we read “Daisy Miller”, that Daisy’s character is frequently misinterpreted by the European Society in the late 1800s. As a matter of fact Daisy’s character was considered a disgrace to women, and inferior to the higher social class because of certain behaviors of hers that could not be tolerated by the social elite. Although it could be argued that Daisy Miller was trying to revolt against the European upper class, or even that she was somewhat irresponsible; the truth is that Daisy Miller was plainly staying true to her “American” ways. As women began to “develop and change”, Daisy’s standpoint on her existence changed as well. (But please keep in mind that Daisy developed much faster then the majority of American women.) Once she arrived in Europe her views began to form her relationships with others. While the Europeans persisted that Daisy embrace the European traditions, they did not reciprocate, and do not understand Daisy’s American heritage. Daisy Miller is just a female who is living ahead of her time and doing what a young girl does best, breaking all the rules!

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