Fahrenheit 451 Life Lessons Analysis

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Andrew Kim Ms. Seemann Eng./Writing July 18, 2012 Life Lessons What can one learn about life lessons in a book? The novel Fahrenheit 451, composed by Ray Bradbury, teaches a variety of life lessons one can learn. The story starts off with Guy Montag, a fireman, who lives feeling compassionate about books and literature, which are illegal due to the government's fear of having citizens to be intelligent. Ironically, a fireman's job is to cause fire. They burn books from orders of the government, but throughout the story, Montag had the desire to change his fate. Using Clarisse as his role model, he continues his journey to help people to understand the value of literature. Life lessons a person can learn from Bradbury, are that a person should consider others before betraying them, thinking before you take…show more content…
As Montag is about to burn his house "Mildred went to the beetle with her suitcase mumbling" he looked desperately at his wife (Bradbury 108). Mildred, Montag's wife, called on the authorities because she personally did not want to live with someone who holds views on books. She betrayed Montag to earn her freedom from literature. But before that had happened, Faber and Montag discussed about a plan. But during the plan Montag could not hold in his anger by shouting "'Shut up!'" towards Faber and the ladies (Bradbury 98). Montag despised the women who did not care about life in general because the women ignored Montag. He jeopardized the plan that Faber came up with and ended up betraying Faber. After, while Montag was igniting his house, Beatty claimed, "When you're quite finished, you're under arrest" (Bradbury 111). Captain Beatty was also reading books in his life secretly. But instead, he punishes Montag for reading books secretly just like him. Betraying others cannot reward you in the end; Captain Beatty died with pain from the heat of a
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