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Lemonade Stand Season One and Two Financial Report BUS599: Introduction to Quantitative Principles Instructor: David Gualco April 8, 2013 Lemonade Stand Season One and Two Financial Report Summery report demonstrates findings on Lemonade stand operation on Season one and two. The sales data has been collected and charted in journals for both seasons and compared in income statement and balance sheet. Comparing financial statements helps analysis to determine if business is a good investment, or whether you have been performing according to plan. Every company should have considerable business planning before it started business operations. So, after business is operating, you will need to compare your actual performance (from your current financial statements) against your planned performance (from your pro forma financial statements). This financial statement analysis should be performed line item by line item. If lemonade stand had fewer sales than planned … I should know or find out why. If any costs were greater than planned again, I should know or find out why. Ever dollar received, and every dollar spent shows up on financial statements, and every dollar that is different than what you planned should be analyzed. This is extremely important since you may need to change your planning.…show more content…
Sales in season two slightly increased by 148.1. This indicates that customers increased may be due to improved services or quality of food. Compared to season one, supplies used in two increased. This increase is due to the increased sales. In season one, total assets for lemonade were 212.05. This amount increased to 367.48 in season two. Liabilities also increased in season two from 47.9 to 57.77. However retained earnings decreased in season two by 2.14, which also resulted to a minor decrease in total

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