Legalize Illegal Immigrants

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The United States was built by many races that emigrated from there home countries, which ultimately developed into one of the most prosperous countries of all time. The success of this country with various races performing the labor and taking part in the government has created a demand for admittance and a dream for people across the world. The demand for entrance into America is at such a high level that people are finding ways to enter illegally. With the illegal alien population raising it is taking a large toll on the disbursement of tax money. As immigration is becoming a more widespread problem, in America , it needs to bolster border security and increase punishment for both eiders and offenders. Illegal immigration is a serious…show more content…
The Immigration and Naturalization Service estimates that in January of 2000 there were 7 million illegal aliens living in the United States, a number that is growing by half a million a year. Thus, the illegal-alien population in 2006 is estimated to be about 10 million (Illegal). It is said that this number is much lower than the actual figure. Nearly 210,000 aliens are believed to have died or returned home on their on account. In addition, 63,000 were removed by the INS and 183,000 were awarded green cards, and therefore deemed legal (Illegal). Many feel the INS should bolster its standards because so many more people are receiving green cards then those that are being deported. The United States poor border patrol is one the largest causes of our large illegal immigration population. Unlike all the other immigrating cultures, Mexicans have a direct path into America . The Untied States-Mexico border is the site of the large majority of illegal immigration. According to the Census, 90 percent of illegal immigration comes from Latin America, with 70 percent of the emigrating from Mexico . (How)Mexican immigrants have developed many ways of illegally crossing the…show more content…
While illegal immigration in the United States can and will never be entirely stopped, it can be effectively decreased and even reversed (Reverse). At this point illegal aliens are depleting American funds by consuming a large amount of tax payer’s money, while not paying taxes, and taking jobs away form potential tax payers. As stated earlier more than 26 billion dollars go towards aiding illegal aliens every year, and while 16 million are given back threw taxes the other 10 billion lost could easily be poured into the needy public school system. With the support and proper training by the federal government border control can execute the job of deterring illegal

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