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Story 1 Las Vegas, NV--Vegas cop’s gun linked to robbery. Monday night, Officer Frank Fromanski shot and killed Julia Reed, a cocktail waitress during a robbery at Best Bargain Grocery according to the Las Vegas Crime Scene Investigation team. It was said that there were three gunmen at the time of the crime but according to investigator Warrick Brown, “There's no evidence of a third gunmen. The bullet that killed the cocktail waitress, it came from Fromansky's gun.” Officer Fromanski claimed that he had shot four times at a third gunman though. According to Fromanski, he was going to check on his partner when he shot at someone he claimed was a gunman. There were five bodies found at the grocery store, but of the five, only two were…show more content…
“Those two guys came out of nowhere, made everyone go to the corner,” the bagboy said/. Also, according to the bagboy, one of the masked men took the clerk working at the time, Celeste Turner, to the register. During the investigation, investigators found that the store only had two surveillance cameras, one over the register and one in the loading docks. After all the damage, the robbery left five dead bodies, including one police officer, two customers and the gunmen. Story 2 Las Vegas, NV— Officer involved in grocery store shooting is put on leave Officer Frank Fromanski has been going through questioning from Internal affairs this week, about his connection in last Monday’s grocery story robbery. Fromanski’s gun shot and killed Julia Reed, a cocktail waitress. Crime scene investigators couldn’t find any other gunman like the officer said there was. The officer claims he shot at a third gunman and not Reed. Investigators also stated that Fromanski actually shot more than four times at the suspected third gunmen. According to investigator Gil Grissom, there was some evidence that Fromanski shot more than five

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