L2 – Hsc Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care

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1a. Physical abuse – this is a type of abuse where you cause physical harm to an individual. A few examples of physical abuse are: punching, hitting, throwing items to deliberately injure another, burning, poisoning and shaking. 1b. Sexual abuse – This is a type of abuse that involves forcing another individual to participate in sexual activities. This can be through either penetrative acts like rape or non-penetrative acts like forcing them to look at pornographic images or videos. 1c. Emotional/psychological abuse – this type of abuse is the ill-treatment of an individual which causes severe effects on the individual’s emotional state of mine. A few examples of this are: * Making them feel worthless or unloved * Valued as if they only meet the needs of another person * Inappropriate expectations imposed on them, whether through an individual’s age or development which causes the individual to feel frightened quite frequently or corrupt the individual 1d. financial abuse – This type of abuse is similar if not the same as stealing from an individual, or defacing peoples belongings or properties. It can also be where someone takes advantage of your money or restricts the use of an individual’s finances. 1e. Institutional abuse – This type of abuse is where the individuals are mistreated which is brought on by poor quality of care or poor support, affects the whole care setting. It occurs when the individual’s needs and/or wishes are sacrificed for an easier running group, service or organisation. 1f. Self-neglect – This type of abuse is a behavioural condition, its where an individual neglects to do every-day life basic needs like personal hygiene, wearing the appropriate clothing, eating/drinking or tending to their needs of any medical conditions they have. There is a medical condition called Diogenes syndrome which is from extreme self-neglect. 1g. Neglect
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