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Research Paper 1: Kitchen Best- Ethics When Doing Cross-Boundary Business in Southern China Introduction With more companies and organizations becoming global the way in which they conduct business has raised many questions. The case we will focus on is about Kitchen Best, a small and medium-sized enterprise, in Hong Kong which often conducted business outside of the mainland. Kitchen Best was a family owned business, the CEO; Chan Dong-hwa would eventually turn the company over to his son Henry Chan who had seen business relations outside of Hong Kong, as he studied in the United States. As management at Kitchen Best changed unethical business operations were revealed to the Chan in which he would now have to find ways to correct the corruption. In addition, Chan was unsure of whether or not he should report the unethical practices. Chan wanted to expand the business to other territories such as the United States, but knew these matters had to be fixed before even attempting to gain new business. Corruption is defined by Daniels, J. D., Radebaugh, L. H. & Sullivan, D. P. (2013), the misuse of power for personal gain. With the many competitors in business sectors organizations have been known to take offer or take bribes to remain in a competitive position within their respective industry. Bribery is a serious offence in many countries that can lead to resignation, fines and/or imprisonment as well. To better handle and access these types of acts, laws have been put in place to lessen the amount of corruption occurring within business organizations. With business being global the anti-corruption enforcements are global as well. In particular, US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and UK Bribery Act reach any multinational business in connection with the UK or US. The FCPA prohibits any US person/business or foreign public within the

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