King’S Power With Words

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Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. uses several different rhetorical strategies that help sway his listeners and readers towards his view on the Vietnam War. He uses his character to his advantage when speaking. He is “a preacher by trade” (431) and uses this to establish that he is a moral man. King influences his readers on an emotional level in his essay as well. He is extremely descriptive and says his speech like it is a story. This story, from his perspective, allows his audience to see the situation from his point of view and opens their eyes up to other views on the war. The descriptiveness brings it to life and keeps the reader enthralled. Logic was used to attempt to sway the audience as well. King uses logic when, within his story, he attempts to answer the question of young people in America and what their course of action should be when we are fighting for something we don’t have yet ourselves. King uses different techniques to his advantage when speaking to his audience and his speech does have the ability to sway listeners and readers to his point of view. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was able to use his character and knowledge to his advantage in his speech. Even though it is a well known fact that he is a reverend, he says, “Since I am a preacher by trade” (431) for the opening of his speech. Vietnam was a very controversial issue so being a preacher would give him more credibility than some random person off the street. He obviously knows about the moral issues involved in this war that our country has engaged in and knows how a moral person will feel on this issue. King, as the essay proceeds, attacks many controversial issues. In order to keep people from viewing him as a radical he continuously alludes to the fact that he is “[committed] to the ministry of Jesus Christ” (432). Continuously reminding his audience that he is a moral man

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