Judicial System: Courtroom Workgroup And Plea Bargaining

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Running Head: THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM 1 THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM Courtroom Workgroup and Plea Bargaining Caryn White AJS/502 Professor Deana Bohenek January 12, 2015 THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM 2 The judicial system is a system that involves several courts that interpret and apply law respectfully to the facts of a particular case. According to the Wikipedia (2015) the judicial system “provides a mechanism for the resolution of disputes”. The judicial system has several roles that work together on a daily basis to make decisions in reference to cases that have been produced. The overall group of the court system is known as the Courtroom Workgroup. Each individual has a particular role in the Courtroom Workgroup that hold different…show more content…
The defense attorney has the role to prove the defendant as being not guilty. The defense attorney role is to protect the defendant’s rights, show that the prosecutor did not provide sufficient evidence to find the defendant guilty, show if necessary where evidence provided by the prosecutor did not violate the defendant’s rights, and advocate for his or her clients best interest. The prosecutor and the defense attorney’s ethical obligation differ in many ways. According to Kittmer (1995-2015), the differences of the attorneys’ ethical obligations are as follow: “Client's Welfare * Defense attorneys are ethically bound to their clients. They must defend them to the best of their ability and look out for what is best for them… Prosecuting attorneys' clients are usually the people of a specific city or country. Prosecutors are ethically responsible to find justice in a more conventional sense, and therefore serve to protect their area of practice from dangerous criminals. THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM 6 Administration of…show more content…
Plea bargains are where defendants are offered lesser time for a crime verses taking the case to trial and having the possibility of a longer sentence. Court systems could not exists without plea bargains because the caseloads would be overwhelming and cause more hurt for parties involved. It would take years for a lot of cases to be heard if plea bargaining did not exist. One case where a plea bargain was offered was State of Alabama vs Moses Miller in 2013. The defendant took the plea bargain of all counts running concurrent with the charge that he was already in prison under. An example of a case where the defendant did not take the plea bargain was the OJ Simpson trial. The defendant took the case to trial and was found not

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