Jesus In Galilee

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Running head: JESUS: A GALILEAN TRILOGY Jesus: A Galilean trilogy Jack Robertshaw Grand Canyon University BIB123 New Testament History 09/13/2009 Jesus: A Galilean trilogy Jesus begins his ministry in earnest when he chooses his inner circle of twelve disciples. For eighteen months Jesus would travel the land of Galilee with his new ministry. He would introduce teachings designed to reveal what it would be like to have the Kingdom of God present on earth. He would minister to nearly every aspect of human need. He fed the hungry, raised the dead, calmed the seas, cast out demons and most importantly he taught with a new authority, his own 1. In this writing we will focus on three stories during his Galilean ministry and their practical application to the Kingdom of God Jesus was brining to the Jews. Jesus choosing his twelve disciples, Jesus eats with sinners at Matthew’s house and Jesus feeds the five-thousand.. Jesus would initially choose twelve disciples to correspond to the twelve tribes of Israel (New concise Bible Dictionary, 1989, p. 128). This would show the cohesion of the old teachings of the old religious system and his new teachings and message. Jesus chose these twelve for a specific reason. Though their faith waivered, their talent was average and there was no great leader among them, the one attribute they all shared was their willingness to obey Jesus. He understood the task at hand and the need for help, he also recognized that in them his ministry would continue. He endowed them with his authority, and they played a large role in the development of the early Christian church. Alone they were ordinary men but together the comprised a group who would serve God in a powerful way. When Jesus passes by Levi (Matthew) at his tax collectors booth he saw an opportunity to minister. When Jesus asked Mathew to follow him he did

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