Jacob Vs Douglass's Point Of View

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Jacobs versus Douglass’s Point of View Harriet Jacobs and Frederick Douglass both write their stories in the same style that most slave narratives are written. They both tell of the cruel and inhumane treatment that they receive at the hands of their masters but their accounts differ in other ways. The most important difference between Douglass and Jacobs experiences is the fact that Jacobs was a woman. The main similarity of both writers is that they both made a connection between literacy and freedom. In Douglass’s narrative he made a point of including his name in the title. He also indicated that he was an American slave and that the narrative was written by himself. In learning to read and write, Frederick Douglass felt that he had moved from being an animal to being a man. He wanted the reader to know that he was intelligent and that he could write extremely well. He seemed to be a very proud man who focused on conveying to the reader that he was entitled to be equal to the white man and that he was outraged that he was not treated as such. In contrast to Douglass’s narrative, Jacobs hides her identity behind the pseudonym Linda Brent because she was victimized and was ashamed of what happened to her. She wrote her narrative in the style of a sentimental novel which was common for that era. Her narrative portrayed the fact that she was also literate and intelligent by her writing her story in Standard English. She used this as a method of relating to her white, Northern, women audience. Then she wrote the voice of Sally in Negro dialect to remind her audience that she was also like Sally. Both authors portray their masters as cruel and inhumane. Jacobs tries throughout her life to escape her master, Dr. Flint. She attempts several ways to thwart his advances including having the child of a free white man which was against the “Cult of
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