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Module 1 Case study Business Ethics ETH 501 Introduction There are many cellular phone corporations in America; Verizon, AT&T and T Mobile just to name a few. At one point of time in the name MCI WorldCom was a dominate competitor in the telecommunication world fall second only to AT&T. This paper will cover some of the ethical troubles raised in the WorldCom case. Also an assessment of WorldCom’s ethical issues using the deontological ethical framework following the decision making processes; the defining of the problem, the identification of the available alternative solutions to the problem, the evaluation of the identified alternative and the making of the decision. Finally, WorldCom’s ethics will be assessed using the Categorical Imperative a Immanuel Kant’s point of view. WorldCom Ethical Issues Over the years there were an increase in legal matters and ethical conduct in corporations. The growth in behaviors is due to an era where competition is global and the business environment is complex. Moral values in the business atmosphere are vital to ensuring that the corporations are adhering to the government rules and guidelines at the same time providing their customers the service that they require. WorldCom a telecommunications company was once the second leading long distance provider in America. WorldCom growth was credited to aggressive acquisitions and mergers with other companies. The most noteworthy of them was MCI communication. The method that was use by WorldCom was a detriment more so than a benefit, it was hard to determine the operational procedures, financial data and market positioning of the different communication companies they acquired (Thornburgh, 2004). After an internal investigation revealed their financial wrongdoing WorldCom had no choice but to file bankruptcy. The type of fraud that was discovered was the

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