Is Puck's Role Far from Bottom?

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Is Puck’s Role Far From The Bottom? In Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Puck, a mischievous fairy is seen as more important than Bottom, an overconfident worker in the play. This is because Puck is a distinct and interesting character, involved in a lot of plots and plans that result in most of the play’s comedic actions, and has connections to all of the story lines. For one thing, Puck has many personalities while Bottom is seen as a duller character in comparison to Puck. In the play, it suggests that Puck is a mischievous fairy who has built up a reputation of scaring and playing pranks on mortals, but he also has a much kinder side. He sometimes helps people finish their work or chores and provides them with good luck as well. Puck is a well-rounded character whereas Bottom is a bit plainer. Bottom, an arrogant and ignorant worker in the play is seen more narrow-minded. He frequently makes rhetorical and grammatical mistakes in his speech and thinks highly of his skills as an actor (when rehearsing a play, he wanted to play all the main roles). What makes Bottom even more egotistical is that he believes everyone around him thinks the same way as he does. In the play, fairies are portrayed as delicate and graceful inhuman beings, every fairy but Puck. Puck is different in not only his character but in terms of looks as well. In the play, some fairies describe him as a “Hobgoblin.” This shows that Puck’s spirited, scheming but good-hearted character outshines Bottom’s exaggerated and silly character in the play, making Puck a more crowd pleasing character. Subsequently, Puck is notably known in having a hand in most of the play’s comedic actions. Becoming the King of Fairies’ jester does involve a lot of fun and games. He carries out his master’s orders and plans but makes mistakes that causes a lot of havoc in the characters’ already problematic
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