The Idiot Play Analysis

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Thar. Experience 170 The Idiot “play analysis” In “The Idiot” I think Dostoyevsky was trying to show how twisted our society is, and how even a saint of a person is treated badly without deserve. I believe Dostoyevsky wrote this play with mostly realistic qualities, such as how people take advantage of “the nice guy” all the time with Prince Myshkin continuously being tricked by everyone he knew, and how the power of love makes you do crazy things with Rogozhin killing Nastasya even though he would have given anything to be with her. I thought most of the actors did a really good job. I did not like how some of the actors played double roles because in an already confusing play trying to follow “who is who” is not an easy task. My favorite actor was probably Chris Young, who played Prince Myshkin, because in this role the actor had to portray a guy who would give you the clothes off his back, is too trusting, and is very likeable at first meet. I thought Chris did a great job of being all those. Overall, other than Prince, Rogoshin, and Nastasya most actors played both a tragic and comedic role, or at least in one of their many roles in the play. On a side note I did not like how one of the actresses yelled at the row behind me about not talking during the show. I understand that it is disrespectful but they are trying to be professional actors and professional actors do not take themselves out of character to yell at the audience for talking. The setting of this play was 19th century Russia and I thought director Jamie Lish did a fairly good job of portraying a dark and dreary St. Petersburg in the 1800’s. Also Lish did a good job of making you feel bad for Prince which is what I think Dostoyevsky wanted. With that said I did not like how the play was set up with the narrator. I understood that some parts of the story was cut out and the narrator was put in

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