Is math invented or discovered Essay

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Math is a concept which touches on the idea of numbers and theories which are used as a method to solve certain problems in life. This concept is a never-ending idea where the numbers are limitless and the theories uncountable which are labeled as the term infinite. This brings up an important question about the concept which has been asked for many years and is yet to have a definite answer. It is whether math is invented or discovered that people ask. One thing that must be clarified is the definition of both terms. If math was invented then it was created by man and did not exist before that. If math is discovered then it was discovered by man and existed before they discovered it. Math, in my opinion, as a whole is invented and not discovered. I will support my statement through showing how numbers, theories, and the language of math were invented and not discovered. Numbers in mathematics are considered to be invented as the numbers themselves are only a representation of the meaning behind it. The purpose of numbers is to help classify materials, based on the system created, in order to make life simpler to comprehend. Our life revolves around this system of numbers where numbers help us classify things in our life and yet we do not realize how much simpler it makes our life. I have had many experiences with numbers especially in school which explained to me the purpose of numbers. Mathematics is one of six areas of knowledge making it vital to comprehend. If the concept of mathematics is incomprehensible then the user will most likely not be able to understand the Ways of Knowing, since the ways of knowing are constructed from the six areas of knowledge. The quote “For the things of this world cannot be made known without a knowledge of mathematics” said by Roger Bacon show how mathematics is used to help us make our life simpler by classifying certain

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