Is Macbeth A Tyrant

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare Macbeth is known as one of the most tragic and bloody plays ever written by William Shakespeare. The first we see in the play is a conversation between three witches who our protagonist encounters on the way home from a great victory with his friend Banquo. The three witches tells Macbeth and Banquo a great prophecy, Macbeth will become the king one day. Because of this prophecy, Macbeth becomes consumed by the idea of ruling, and tells about the prophecy to his wife whom we do not know the name off. Lady Macbeth is a frightening and aggressive woman so to say. She lust for the power, want the king dead and wish for the prophecy to fulfil. She plays the same role as the witches, because they are women, they rely…show more content…
Macbeth becomes king and in the beginning it seems great but of course, it all starts to crumble in time. Duncan, who were the previous king, was a good man and Macbeth begins to feel guilt while also being filled with fear, for what comes next. Because of the thoughts Macbeth has, grim leadership sours his reign and he goes from being a king, to becoming an evil tyrant. To protect himself, he takes upon him the role as a cruel leader who executes and murder people who he sees as threats. If people would be too suspicious, Macbeth would have them silenced because of the fear that is in him. The arrogance, slaughter, and death finally leads to the death of both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth in the end. Through his evil tyranny, Macbeth gained more enemies that he could handle, and in the end he were struck down by a man named Macduff who then beheaded him, shortly after a new king of…show more content…
Macbeth even uses what Lady Macbeth tells him, when he gives the people who he set out to kill Banquo the same aggressive speech he got from Lady Macbeth. You could also talk about the violence as a theme. This is a short play but still one of Shakespeare’s most bloody. Funny enough, almost every murder or death is done not on the stage, but in between. We are given detailed and almost glorified descriptions of how the murder took place. In addition, even from the beginning we are introduced to a blood stained Macbeth and Banquo, who just left the battlefield. Finally, we also end the play in a very bloody way with the beheading of Macbeth, so everywhere in the play we see blood being spilled. The whole play still plays a role in today’s society; power has always been something the human race has chased. Nothing has changed since then within the human mind. The power they seize today corrupts people

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