Irony Essay for "The Story of an Hour"

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You live your life the way you want but that doesn't always mean you know what what is best for you and what will make you happy. The people you choose to live your life with are the ones who are the deciding factors for how you are going to feel whether it is your husband or wife to your best friends. This story "The Story Of An Hour" which takes place during the late 1800s and early 1900s further proves this because Louise does not enjoy being with her husband. This is because she is basically denied the feeling of freedom when she is with him and love is supposed to make you feel compassionate toward one another and that the couple can get along equally on an emotional level instead of feeling restricted to certain feelings. Due to this the story has the reader also feel these changes. Kate Chopin uses Irony to convey literary elements. First there was Dramatic Irony which was shown when Chopin writes "It was Brently Mallard who entered" This is a form of Dramatic Irony because throughout the entire story he was presumed dead in the eyes of everyone and then out of nowhere he just appears out of thin air. He could have just remained "deceased" but decided to come back to see Ms. Mallard but come to find out it was too late, she had already passed. This displays two different themes which are "Not everything you hear is always true" and "In the end love prevails." This excerpt shows the first theme "Not everything you hear is always true" because throughout the story Ms. Mallard heard from her family that her husband had died in a train accident and she believed them without there being any conformation. Then he shows up in her room although too late but still showed up. Then this excerpt also shows the theme "In the end love prevails" because Mr. mallard who was supposedly dead still came to see his wife who was sick in the hospital because when you love someone

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