Into the Jungle

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Into the Jungle Chapter 2 Questions 1. Why did Wallace choose to go to the Malay Archipelago? - The animals and plants were unexplored. The islands also offered both rich pickings and good facilities for a traveler. The islands spanned for more than four thousand miles from east to west and thirteen hundred miles from north to south. There was a range of environments including a volcano. 2. Compare and contrast the animals on Bali, Borneo, and the western islands of the archipelago with those on Lombok, New Guinea, and the eastern islands. What are the differences and why are they important? -On Bali there was a variety of birds: a weaver, a woodpecker, a thrush, a starling. On Lombok there were white cockatoos, three species of honey-suckers, a loud bird called “Quaich-Quaich”, and a bird called megapoda. The birds in Lombok were not known in the western islands- Java, Sumatra, Malaysia or Borneo. Bali was once connected to Asia and they have tigers, rhinos, and orangutans. Then Lombok was part of Australia and they have kangaroos, cuscus, and other marsupials. On Aru there were no primates or carnivores. The differences were that the eastern islands were more tropical and had tree kangaroos in the west there were monkeys. 3. What observations led Wallace to the idea of a “struggle for existence”? How were Wallace’s observations similar or different from those driving Darwin’s idea about natural selection? -That animals had to use all of their faculties and all of their energy is required to preserve their own existence and provide for their offspring. They have to find food and escape danger. That is why there were many variations because they each adapt to their environment. His idea was somewhat similar to Darwin’s and Darwin was actually a friend of his and dedicated a book to

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