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Interpretation of Christopher The Archetype Hero In the novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time , the character Christopher is like an archetype hero. All the events in the boy’s life can be related to an archetype hero by looking at the main aspects; his challenges, his ultimate test, and his reward. You can see that Christopher grows up unusually, is mysterious, answers the call for adventure, faces his ultimate challenge, and then returns home to his father, the way a typical hero does. First of all, Christopher is like an archetype hero because he relates to what heroes usually have in common. He is born and then he is separated from his dear mother. Christopher is brought up by his father and is living his life without his mother, assuming she is dead (26). His life is very unusual because Christopher believes he can achieve many goals and tasks as well. However, the people around him seem to have no faith in him. When he wants to do ‘Level A’ exams, the principal thinks he is incapable of doing so (43-45). Like any archetype hero, Christopher receives a call to an adventure which he answers. Further on in the novel, he reads a letter addressed to him from his mother, whom he believed to be was dead. He starts to think that it was for another boy named Christopher. He then finds more letters and realizes that his mother is alive and that the letters were actually from her. This causes Christopher to feel the urge of exploring and finding out the truth; the unknown reality just like an archetype hero (97-112). By the facts shown you can see the similarities between a hero and Christopher. Second of all, Christopher attempts to control his emotions, abilities and/or challenges, the way every archetype hero does. Later on, when Christopher finds out the truth and the reality about the dog, its killer, and the truth about his

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