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Inertia Worksheet Answers 1. Imagine a place in the cosmos far from all gravitational and frictional influences. Suppose that you visit that place (just suppose) and throw a rock. The rock will a. gradually stop. b. continue in motion in the same direction at constant speed. A: According to Newton's first law, the rock will continue in motion in the same direction at constant speed. 2. A 2-kg object is moving horizontally with a speed of 4 m/s. How much net force is required to keep the object moving at this speed and in this direction? A: An object in motion will maintain its state of motion. The presence of an unbalanced force changes the velocity of the object. 3. Mac and Tosh are arguing in the cafeteria. Mac says that if he flings the Jell-O with a greater speed it will have a greater inertia. Tosh argues that inertia does not depend upon speed, but rather upon mass. Who do you agree with? Explain why. A: Inertia is that quantity which depends solely upon mass. The more mass, the more inertia. Momentum is another quantity in Physics which depends on both mass and speed. Momentum will be discussed in a later unit. 4. Supposing you were in space in a weightless environment, would it require a force to set an object in motion? A: Even in space objects have mass. And if they have mass, they have inertia. That is, an object in space resists changes in its state of motion. A force must be applied to set a stationary object in motion. Newton's laws rule - everywhere! 5. Fred spends most Sunday afternoons at rest on the sofa, watching pro football games and consuming large quantities of food. What effect (if any) does this practice have upon his inertia? Explain. A: Fred will increase his mass if he makes a habit of this. And if his mass increases, then his inertia increases. 6. Ben Tooclose is being chased through the woods by a bull

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