Integrated Library System Evaluation

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Integrated Library System Evaluation Amanda Gray IT/205 July 20, 2014 Li Lo Integrated Library System Evaluation The integrated library system is an information system meant for use by libraries and the people who use them. As public libraries expand, so does the amount of information that needs to be processed. The integrated library system has progressed in leaps and bounds over the years, and is expected to continue expanding with advances in technology and the needs of the people who use their public libraries. The integrated library system has streamlined the ways in which materials are acquired, cataloged, and circulated, as well as the how the public interacts with the library. The initial development of the integrated library system was driven by the rise in technology and the needs of library patrons. As public libraries began incorporating different kinds of materials into their libraries, the old card catalog method lost its efficacy. Libraries no longer lend just books and magazines. Music and movies have become a significant part of the lending material selection for most libraries. Digital readers are beginning to replace traditional paper reading materials. Library patrons still check out physical books, but more people are now using e-readers, such as the Nook and the Kindle. Providing library patrons with a way to check out reading materials using their e-readers has changed the way some people use the library. Long lines in the libraries prompted the need for a better way of managing checkout lines. Busy lives sometimes prevent people from being able to renew their items online, which prompted the need for an easier way to renew library materials. As the amount of library patrons increased, and as more different kind of materials became available, so did the need for an information system platform that would make easier the ways in which
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