Integrated Financial Analysis Case Study

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Integrated Financial Analysis Case Study An Overview of Financial Statement Analysis: Urban Outfitters Tiffany Forte, MBA Student Abstract The MBA 6014 final project examines the current financial condition at Urban Outfitters where fashion meets the eye of the world. This project focuses on the collection and assessment of data that will validate an Integrated Financial Analysis toward predicting the future of Urban Outfitters. Finally, consolidated Balance Sheets, Statements of Income, and Statements of Cash Flows will be presented to validate the financial condition. Executive Summary Urban Outfitters Inc. is a pioneering “lifestyle merchandising company” that operates specialty retail stores under the Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and Free People brands. It was founded in 1970, near the University of Pennsylvania. It is a high end apparel and furniture manufacturer in the highly fragmented apparel industry. Its two main competitors are Abercrombie and Fitch and J Crew. Urban Outfitters has gained a competitive advantage over its competitors by implementing a strategy focused on product differentiation, brand prestige, and customer loyalty. The parent company has been broken down into three separate brands to specifically cater to a different target market. They also created a competitive advantage by offering eclectic merchandise and a unique retail experience. Table of Contents Title Page 1 Abstract 2 Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 Overview of Urban Outfitters 4 Accounting Analysis 4 Financial Analysis 5 Financial Ratio Analysis and Forecasting 5 Intrinsic Evaluations 6 Conclusions 7 References 7 Appendix 8 A. Consolidated Balance Sheets 8 B. Consolidated Statements of Income 9 C. Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows 10 D. Pro Forma Consolidated Balance Sheets 11 E. Pro Forma

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