Inequality Among Women

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Myjia S. Stevenson-Oliver English 2110/42 Dr. Eva Thompson November 15, 2011 Inequality being a Conflict among Women "Few people are ready to face death for a principle." This was stated in the Contemporary Literary Criticism by Nawal El Saadawi. The statement holds true for her work, Women at Point Zero. The purpose of the reading is to bring awareness of the oppression of women as shown in the novel. We must first understand the difference in culture and society. In today’s society, modern day American’s don’t see prostitution as an option or means of life. However, with Egyptian culture and society, it’s a known profession. With the below text, I will show the conflict of inequality among women by looking at female genital mutilation, education, abuse and unlawful treatment by societal figures. One conflict in the text is that of equal rights women don’t have in society. In the beginning of second chapter, the character Firdaus’ goes through female genital modification or mutilation at the hands of her mother and another elder woman in her community. This was due in part of her inquiring about her father, “,,,I asked my mother about him. How was it that she given birth to me without a father? First she beat me. Then she brought a woman who was carrying a small knife or maybe a razor blade. They cut off a piece of flesh from between my thighs” (p12). In many African and Islamic cultures it is still a practice today. Female genital modification or mutilation in the novel was seen more as a purification process. It is never truly stated as to why Firdaus’ undergoes the mutilation but it does go to show that society doesn’t provide much choice for women in that predicament. Women, young or old aren’t given a choice, it’s just an unequal custom of society. This takes me to the next conflict, women and education. Firdaus is later sent to
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