Industry and Company Strategic Audit Review and Analysis

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Industry and Company Strategic Audit Review and Analysis Industry Chosen: Retailing Industry Companies: JCPenney and MACY’S Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Industry dynamics 4 2.1 Overview the department stores section of retail industry 4 2.2 Porter’s Five-Forces Model of Industry Competition Analysis 5 2.2.1 The threat of new entrants 6 2.2.2 The bargaining power of buyers 8 2.2.3 The bargaining power of suppliers 9 2.2.4 The threat of substitute products and services 9 2.2.5 The intensity of rivalry among competitors in an industry 10 3. Evaluating Two Companies Performance by the Balanced Scorecard 10 3.1 JCPenney Company, Inc 11 3.1.1. Company summary 11 3.1.2. Balanced Scorecard analysis 12 3.2 The MACY’S Companies, Inc. 16 3.1.1. Company summary 16 3.1.2. Balanced Scorecard analysis 16 4. SWOT Analysis 19 4.1 JCP 20 4.2 MACY’S 21 5. Recommendation 22 Reference: 24 1. Introduction With the shopping season approaching, the retail industry is drawing attention again from the business world especially when the recession still undergoing in the States. The retail industry experienced a long history before developed to the scale of today. Although it not always brings surprise to the fasting changing business world like new technology, it is crucial not only to the GDP and also important to everybody’s daily life by always being with consumers. It is worth to look into the retail industry in different aspects when facing the big economic depression and think of the possible future in the fasting changing business environment. The retail industry of the United States plays a leading role in the worldwide since the retailing companies that are based in the U.S. dominate on the global retailing stage and at the same time, the retail industry outweighs other industries within the States. According to the latest annual

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